Clinical Foundations in Implant Dentistry
Three-Part Course 2024

Dr Demetrio Pina Neto
BDS (BRAZIL) Perio Specialist (BRAZIL)

Clinical Foundations in Implant Dentistry

This three-part course is for practitioners wishing to acquire
knowledge and clinical confidence in the treatment planning, surgical
placement, and restoration of dental implants. This course will enable the
participants to make evidence-based decisions, successfully assess, treat
and care for patients requiring dental implants.

Session One | 11th & 12th October 2024

Day 1 Lecture:  Introduction to dental implants, patient assessment, case planning,
surgical techniques
Day 2 Clinical:  Surgery - Implant placement & clinical discussion

Session Two | 15th February 2025

Day 1  Lecture & Clinical: Second stage surgery techniques, aesthetics & prosthodontic aspects of implant dentistry 

Session Three | 28th & 29th March 2025

Day 1 Lecture: Impression techniques and implant prosthetics planning, maintenance, complications & occlusion
Day 2 Clinical: Implant impressions & Crown insertion and clinical discussion.

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Banora Family Dental &
Implants, 8/21-25 Amaroo Dr,
Banora Point, NSW 2486

All Friday & Saturday
9am to 4pm

Early Bird Pricing $7000 before 1st July 2024
Regular Pricing $8000
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Neoss Australia
07 3216 0165

Dr Demetrio Pina Neto
BDS (BRAZIL) Perio Specialist (BRAZIL)

Demetrio is a compassionate and multi-talented dentist. He hails from Brazil where he gained his initial qualification in dentistry from the Sao Paulo City University in 2002. Since then, Demetrio has undertaken postgraduate training in Periodontics, Oral Surgery, Dental Implants, and Restorative Dentistry.
Demetrio has a passion for teaching and is committed to engaging with his colleagues and helping them better the lives of their patients. Having worked with many different implant systems he is proficient in providing patients with expert treatment and helping dentists feel confident in delivering implants as options in their practice.


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